How To Choose A Vibrator

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

So you're new to choosing a vibrator or perhaps you've been burnt in the past by inferior vibrator products or a vibrator that really didn't feel right. Well don't be put off by that bad experience, good knowledge is key to choosing the right vibrator. Read on.

What do I want?

Being Sexually Confident

Be confident in your decision to enhance your sexual well-being.

Adult toys are now an integral part of many peoples sex lives whether you're exploring solo, coupled or as a group. With our help you will be better informed to choose a product that's right for you first time.

So which vibrator is right for me?

Everyone’s unique and what works for your friend or partner may not work for you. Along with the wide range of choice now available means it can be daunting picking one that suits you.

Here’s a run-down of the most common types available.

Bullet Vibrators

Brilliant for beginners or those wanting to get back to basics. They are powerful, small, often discreet.

Good for clitoral and nipple stimulation and their size means they are a great introduction into getting a feel for what you like.

Standard Vibrators

Like the bullet these offer you a simple no nonsense approach along with added ability to mix it up between penetration or stimulation. A great way to start exploring without too much commitment or time investment.

Offering a smaller footprint than other toys they make ideal holiday and travel companions

G-Spot Vibrators

Visually they are usually similar to standard vibrators with the key difference being they offer either an uptick in their head angle and often include additional material or alternative end designs specifically to hit your inner front wall G-Spot. Definitely a step up in pleasure from 'Standard' especially if you're G-Spot susceptible. ;-)

The ‘Rabbit’ Vibrators

Designed specifically to work with your G-Spot and Clitoris in tandem they can produce a really intense blended orgasm.

They can seem intimidating at first so if starting out choose accordingly.

Wand Vibrators

Originating from body massagers these have gained a reputation as the most intensive orgasm tool available.

They have a large mushroom shaped head so won’t work for anything nearing penetration but will do wonders on all erogenous zones you’ve got going.

Two types are commonly available, mains powered (plug-in) and battery powered.

Mains offer more durability and usually quicker micro-cycles of vibrations but MUST be kept away from water for obvious reasons.

Battery offers more portability, freedom to explore and the ability to easily take it anywhere. Some are also waterproof enough to use in the shower.

Hopefully you're now much more informed for those all important vibrator purchasing decisions.

Still asking yourself what vibrator should I get or perhaps looking at a different style of sex toy?

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Have fun!

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