About Peach & Passion

We believe in pleasure, passion, kindness, and lots of fun!

We are all about fun but not at any cost. The adult toy industry is not a new one but we feel the demand for high quality products is growing and that’s a good thing. Gone are the days of dodgy plastics and toys that broke after 2 weeks. We love toys that work but that also look and feel great as well as being safe to use.

We carefully select products that use body safe materials wherever possible, we choose things that really work, that last and that feel luxurious too! Why should sex toys feel cheap and tacky? We think toys should be stylish, classy and be pretty enough to leave out on display if you wanted too. 

Play is for all genders – sex toys are for all consenting adults if they want them. While we love women taking control of their pleasure we also know boys and all the wonderful non-binary folk should also be having loads of fun. We hope our range entices you to buy something and have some fun.

Be safe, look after each other and enjoy!