How To Pleasure Yourself

How To Pleasure Yourself

“Samantha your skin is glowing. Did you get a facial or something?’

The Sex and the City girls certainly knew the power that a whole afternoon of masturbating can hold.

While we might not all have that kind of time, there are huge benefits to treating yourself to a solo sex date!

Not only is regular play delicious fun, it also has tremendous benefits for your health, wellbeing and overall sex life! Each and every orgasm releases a hit of oxytocin and dopamine, both powerful mood boosters so it’s impossible not to feel great.

No matter if you’re in a long-term relationship, with a new partner or single we can all have incredible sex! Regular play allows you to keep in touch with your sexual self and of course the more fun you have, the more you desire.

Whether planned or just spontaneous play its worth taking the time to explore and truly get to know your body. We are all individuals when it comes to pleasure so understanding what you love can really take your fun to the next level with a partner. This self-knowledge also increases confidence when expressing your desires so you can ensure they hit all the right spots too!

For Solo Sex Starters

Playing and exploring should be the name of the game. Start slow and experiment with gentle sensual touches across your whole body to see what feels good. This gradual exploration allows you to let go, completely open up and start to surrender to the pleasure.

Keep mixing it up and trying new things such as different pressures, speeds etc – there really are no rules!

As you play try adding in some of the fantastic toys out there to give you new and enhanced sensations. Women are capable of so many different types of orgasm clitoral, G-spot, cervical and even nipple… so try everything!

Our favourite on the menu is the Loves Kiss Rose Gold Bullet. This is a fantastic starter to gently explore and stimulate every single erogenous zone you can find.

This kind of toy is perfect to start out with as its small size makes it easy to target the right area while the ten vibration patterns allow complete freedom of experimentation.

Remember different vibrations feel great in different areas so try everything!

This is also one of our absolute favourites to use together with someone!

Main Masturbation Course

Like all the best dates a great solo sex session should incorporate different elements. If you’ve started with a small toy, try moving to a finger touch or even changing locations!

Once you feel the pleasure building, relax, tune into your body and really feel the waves of excitement course through you.

This almost meditation like focus will allow your pleasure to increase gradually and produce a much more intense experience overall.

At this stage try bringing yourself just to the edge of orgasm, then pulling back and doing it all over again and again…. Trust us this will take your play from quick high to completely rocking your world.

We love the Easy Love Cone Wand for our main. This larger toy with the large surface area end gives a deeper range of pleasure and it’s fantastic to getting you just to that edge… The two ended design means you can keep mixing up the fun each time. Top tip – try using your fingers and this toy for a delicious double experience.

And to finish your solo sex…

When you’re having this much fun who wants it to end?!

When you’re ready to hit the final highs of your play try stepping up the intensity of everything that felt amazing so far. After this much build up your body is ready to go faster, harder or as much as you desire. Focus completely on your pleasure and let everything else fall away.

This is exactly the point where using a toy comes into its own as they can dial up the intensity like nothing else. Our favourite finisher is the Max Orgasm Vibe ‘n’ Thrust Rabbit. This has a fantastically satisfying feeling with too many vibration and thrust combinations to count!

After orgasm do keep tuning in to your body and connect with the sexual energy you’ve created! A few deep slow breaths will allow you to fully enjoy the post-high sensations and hormone hit, as well as helping to give you that very special glow.

Enjoy every single second and of course if you don’t have to be anywhere you can always do it all over again..

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Have fun!

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