What Is The Best Male Sex Toy?

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Guide to Male Sex Toys

Toys just for women? Definitely not. Male sex toys are a great way to spice up your private life, either solo or with a partner. Male sex toys can become part of your skillset and you’ll wonder how you went so long without one. There’s something for every taste, from masturbators to strap-ons.

So you’ve asked yourself which sex toy for men is best? But where do you start?

Get to know your own tastes with this beginner’s guide to male sex toys.

What are mens sex toys?

Male sex toys are designed specifically to make male pleasure feel amazing and promise to tickle all of your sensitive areas and provide hours of serious pleasure. Some involve penis play, while others involve a little back-door action. Some are meant to mimic the real thing, while others are meant to feel like nothing you’ve felt before.

Who can use male sex toys?

These are designed to bring pleasure to males, but they can happily be part of combined play with your partner.

Some of these toys are specifically designed for individual use, but others can be used for couples or group play.

Different types of sex toy

Men’s sex toys come in a huge range of designs and products. Here a run-down of the most common

Male masturbators

Designed to offer an enhanced masturbation experience. A masturbator is specially textured to bring you unbeatable sensations. Some are modelled after the real thing whilst others are textured to offer something a bit unique.

They can be designed to mimic the mouth, vagina, or anus, and often come in a discreet container or case. For the techies, you may even want to consider a masturbator that’s complete with motors and sound that give you a whole new level of pleasure.

Anal beads

Anal beads are great if you’re just starting out with anal play. These toys start small, and as you get more comfortable and you start getting revved up, you or someone else can start trying alternative sizes. Don’t forget the lube!

Butt plugs

Many men love anal play and like to enjoy it with butt plugs. They are specially designed to stimulate your nerves and have a unique handle on the end to ensure they don’t go anywhere else! These are great for dual pleasure as you can have anal and penis play at the same time. Remember you should only use toys meant for this purpose to avoid the risk of injuring yourself.

Cock rings

The long favourite of many men. A penis ring allows you to last longer and have more powerful and intense orgasms.

The ring helps to constrict blood flow and can be used during masturbation or with a partner. For beginners, a stretchy style one is a good place to start. As you start to home in on what works for you and grow your experiences you can start to experiment with new materials and firmer rings that will deliver a long, intense orgasm.

You can have static ones or vibrating ones. The vibrating ones will send your orgasms skyward, and your partner can get off as well thanks to the vibrator being close to the clitoris.

Prostate massagers

These toys are specifically designed for men and promise to deliver one of the most intense orgasms of your life. Play alone or with partner(s) and experience what many men say is the best orgasm they’ve experienced. Some prostate massagers vibrate whilst others remain static in position.

Penis extensions and sleeves

These do exactly what you think by extending the overall size of your penis by fitting over your penis. This can be a fun toy for men who want offer your partner new sensations in both size and texture.

Sleeves and strokers are simple and discreet. They can be used by yourself or with someone else and are a great way to introduce yourself to toy play. Sleeves go along the length of the shaft and surround it with new textures. These can be less intense than other toys so are great to start with.

Hollow mens strap-on

Similar to penis extensions, hollow strap-ons are used to enlarge and extend the penis and can be a great choice for men with erectile difficulties. Male strap-ons feature an adjustable harness which is worn around the waist and legs. The hollow design of the toy allows the man to insert his penis and ensure enjoyment.

Now armed with a little more info one the main types you should be able to make better decisions on what type specifically you want to enhance your pleasure with.

Have fun!

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