7 Incredibly Useful Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

7 Incredibly Useful Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Visually appealing

Before using its always good to do a visual check of your toys. Look for rips, tears, scratches or otherwise anything broken. Not only could this compromise the integrity of your toy but could also cause you some discomfort or harm

Issues like this also provide an area for bacteria to harbour themselves.

Toys with such defects should be discarded and recycled safely and replaced with new. If there’s a manufacturing issue then contact us and we’ll find the solution for you.

Right sex toy for the right job

In the heat of the moment things can get wild – we love this! But it’s important to use the toys for the purpose they were designed for to help minimise any problems and help sustain the longevity of your toys.

Sharing sex

Also be conscious of sharing the same sex toy in different areas of your body one after the other. Anal play and Vagina play should not be done with the same toy right after one another as it can transmit harmful bacteria to your intimate areas. Ideally have specific toys for specific needs to keep it neat, clean and tidy

Sharing sex toys

Be safe and take the same precautions sharing sex toys as you would sharing partners.

Harmful stuff can be transmitted via toys as much as it can other body parts so only share responsibly.

Clean up your sex toys

Cleaning should be done after each use. We recommend a warm wash with PH neutral hand soap and wash cloth.

If your toy is fully submersible as many of ours are then it can be safely washed off under a running tap or in a filled basin.

Tight on time?

If it’s the right type of toy then putting a condemn on the toy can be a quick and easy way to avoid having to clean it off afterwards. Ideal for those flash sessions!

Sex toy storage

Don’t just toss them under the bed where all sorts of debris can build up. Instead use the cases and carry bags they come with and place them in a dedicated area for them. This helps prevent accidental damage and ensures they remain dust, lint and otherwise debris free and ready for next time!