Why Some Sex Toys Fail

Why Some Sex Toys Fail

When we say fail we mean figuratively and physically. Let’s look at why some sex toys fail to work and fail to satisfy.

Wrong expectations

You wanted insta-orgasms in a box and you got something that instead feels like a vibrating potato masher.

Make sure your expectations tally up with what you buy. Our quick-fire infographic is a good visual indicator of matching personality to product.

Buying an unsuitable product

Not being aware of the products intended use, it’s full feature set, what it’s made of or even what you’re actually wanting from your toy are all recipes for failure.

Make sure you know what you want first. Honing in on what you’re looking for enables you to make the right decision first time.

  • Made of stuff..

Metal, Glass, Silicone, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, all these things affect the type of experience you get from a sex toy. Make sure you know what you want.

  • Feature overload

Too many features you just don’t know what to do with it.

Our guide on choosing your first vibrator will help you if you’re still unsure.

Buy Right Buy Once

Lack of quality can severely impact your experience with your toys. It may fail prematurely, be made of lower grade materials affecting it’s feel and ability or it may just not work very well.

So it’s worth spending even just a few more pounds for a comparative product upfront and from a reputable retailer as this can make all the difference in quality.

This means you end up with a longer lasting product, saving you money in the long term as well as giving you a better experience with less ending up going to landfill. Win Win.

Batteries not included.

Many toys need user replaceable batteries.

This can mean added lifetime costs as well the possibility of batteries running low at critical points with the risk of not having any replacements around you and nothing kills the mood quicker than hunting round for batteries at the wrong time.

This can quickly erode your whole experience to the point you end up not even spending time with it anymore.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with toys that need user replaceable batteries but this is usually a feature of lower quality toys and can mean a less seamless experience..

Questionable Sources

There’s some seriously cheap sex toys out there and an overabundant choice at well known marketplaces and other retailers, so what are you really getting?

Lifehacker Vanessa Marin writes a whole piece on why you should avoid marketplace seller sites. There’s very little quality control and you may likely be buying from people who have very little knowledge or experience in what they’re selling therefore no interest in actually providing a safe and quality product.

Reduce your chances of getting a bad or un-working product by using retailers you know and trust who specialise in what they’re selling to get a product you can be confident in, matched to your needs and wants in which is much more likely to give you the experience you’re looking for without additional hassle and cost..

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