Sex Toy Materials – Are Plastic and Silicone Vibrators Safe?

Which material’s best? What are sex toys made of? And how safe are sex toy materials?

Sex Toy Materials - Are Plastic and Silicone Vibrators Safe?

When it comes to sex toy materials there’s a bit of a problem.

The industry is not strictly regulated, so indirectly nor are the materials able to be used in production. There’s also lot of mis-information out there adding to confusion about what sex toy materials are used and what is considered safe. Additionally a lot of sellers are quite happy to take your money in return for an inferiorly produced, or worse, potentially dangerous product.

Wouldn’t you like to know the products you are putting into your body are safe? Wouldn’t you like to be sure that anything you use is not going to be linked to any short term or long term health effects?

Of course you would. So we’ve spoken to materials experts, medical professionals, industry gurus and included our own research on what’s what of sex toy materials so listen up..!

ABS Plastic Sex Toys

ABS is a non-porous hard plastic used in middle and high end sex toys. It is smooth in feel and transmits vibrations very intensely. Low quality sex toys using ABS will fitment issues on visible seems which can degrade the experience so make sure you buy high quality. ABS plastic is generally considered Body Safe.

Compatible Lube: Any but watch out for any small buttons which may be made out of other materials like Silicone. We recommend LoveLife! Lube

Want to see an excellent example of a high quality ABS vibrator?

Check out the Luxury Love Rose Gold Bullet.

Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone has a soft and silky feel and can range from very soft to firm depending on how it’s formulated. It holds body temperature well and transfers vibrations without being buzzy.

A good silicone product should last a lifetime with proper use and care. Some companies claim to use silicone but are actually made out of a mix of lower grade rubbers and elastomers. This will result in an inferior product. Make sure you buy from a high-quality retailer you can trust so you’re getting what it says on the tin! If in doubt get in contact and ask what materials specifically they are using.

Compatible Lube: Water based only.

Jelly Sex Toys

Used to describe sex toys made from a blend of PVC and rubber with elastomers. It’s popular due to its low cost and firm but pliant feel. Most low end sex toys are made from this mix.

Despite their desirable feel, they are not without controversy due to chemicals used in the softening process call Phthalates. The jury is still out on whether it’s harmful for human health when used in sex toys but Phthalates use has been banned and restricted in America and Europe for food and drink containers. We don’t stock Jelly sex toys as we won’t take risks on safety. Simple.

Metal Sex Toys

Usually made out of Stainless steel, Titanium, Aluminium and in some cases Gold and Silver. Hard wearing, will last a lifetime and offer different experiences as they can be warmed or cooled for unique sensations. Body Safe but buy from a trusted retailer to ensure you’re not getting a product made with inferior or possibly even harmful metals such as Nickel which can interact with allergies.

Compatible Lube: All

Glass Sex Toys

Glass?? Yes! Borosilicate Glass to be specific. The same glass high quality cookware is made out of. It is very hard and very difficult to chip or shatter. They again can offer unique sensations and can be very eye catching in style and colour. Completely body safe, easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Look at the design and avoid anything poorly designed such as being too thin to avoid risk of breakage and again only buy from trusted retailers so you know you’re getting the right stuff.

Compatible Lube: All

Armed with the above info you’re now better equipped to go out and make more educated purchasing decisions to ensure you end up with better quality products which will respect your body and thus be good for your mind.

If you’re continuing to struggle finding high quality toys you can trust then take a look at our SHOP we vet each individual product we sell right down to the individual materials used, obtaining certificates of safety, data sheets on the materials and if it doesn’t pass our internal quality criteria we simply won’t stock it!

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Stay Safe and Have Fun!

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