Sex Without Sex – How To Foreplay

It doesn’t always have to be about intercourse. We share the best ways to ensure maximum fun with no intercourse.

Peach and Passion

Watching each other

Guys love watching their partner masturbate and likewise girls watching your partner orgasm can be extremely arousing.

For some masturbation until this point has been a solely private occasion so initially it can feel a little awkwardbut once arousal starts to build it can be extremely erotic and satisfying. Some sexy porn or even literature is a great way to help overcome any initial awkwardness.

Playing with each other

Whether your setting out with a pure foreplay session or perhaps it progresses from just initially watching each other, playing with each other without intercourse on mind can be really liberating and extremely satisfying. There’s less pressure to perform and more feeling of being in the moment with each other.

Using sex toys

Using a vibrator on yourself with your partner is watching can be extremely arousing, your partner will also get sexy feel of naughty voyeurism which will skyrocket their arousal.

Toys are a great way to build arousal, explore and have lots of fun in the bedroom.

A collection of toys can ease sexual awkwardness many of us still get, reframe it as a challenge to try a set of new toys and find which ones turn you both on the most.

Remote control toys are available for couples which allow the man to control the toy inside you without you having any control over it. This can be incredibly ecstatic and can have you right on the edge of orgasm allowing him to play with your sexual anticipation. Great fun.

Oral sex

Most men and many women really enjoy receiving oral sex. For men the visual aspect can be hugely arousing for women the delicate nature of the tongue along with some careful finger play can be mind blowing.

Don’t be afraid to say aloud with each other when they are really hitting your spot and it’s feeing great. This will help confidence in what you’re doing as well as building the arousal levels for both of you.

The biggest turn-off for girls receiving oral is poor technique. Tell your partner what they’re doing right. If it’s not working encourage them to try another area, go slower, faster, up a bit down a bit until they get that spot for you. Our partners want to give us the maximum pleasure so make sure you tell them when it’s working for you! For added fun try some flavoured lubricants.

Grinding, rubbing, feeling.

Whether it’s through full clothes or skimpy underwear, rubbing feeling and grinding through fabric can feel a touch naughty and so very sexy. It builds anticipation and can offer different sensations to outright naked play. You can take it all the way to climax or allow it to lead on to semi naked play.

Have fun!

Remember sex doesn’t have to be about the sex. Get into each other through various non intercourse forms and you’re discover so much more of what you both love and it’ll only enhance the intercourse as and when you want it.

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