How to find your G-Spot and how to stimulate it when you find it?

How to find your G-Spot and how to stimulate it when you find it?

The G-spot

It seems the G-Spot has become one of the latest buzzwords when it comes to sex but where is the G-spot located? What does stimulating the G-spot feel like? And does it even matter?

So what exactly is the G-spot?

In reality, the G-spot is nothing new. History tells us it was first discovered by Dutch doctor Regnier de Graaf back in the 16th century. Further research was then completed in the mid 20th century by German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg and its from him that it takes its name – Grafenberg Spot or G-spot.

For many women stimulating the G-spot will produce increased arousal and significantly more powerful orgasms. Essentially it’s an area of urethral sponge that can produce amazing sensations when stimulated. Interestingly, science shows that the brain uses different neural pathways to process these orgasms compared to a clitoral. This pleasure can be quite different to a usual climax – these orgasms go deep! – both physically and emotionally…

Its rather mythical reputation appears to come from the fact that it is different in every woman. Each and every G-spot is completely individual in feel, location and pleasure achieved.

In many women, this can produce the strongest orgasm ever, so lie back and get ready to experiment!

Where to find the G-spot

The G-spot is located around two inches on the front wall of the vagina in between the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. The area swells when aroused so it’s much easier to find when you’re already turned on. It will often feel firmer and more textured in comparison to the rest of the smooth vagina walls.

As every woman experiences pleasure in this area differently, start slow and go with what feels good. Reaching these heights also takes time, so forget the clock-watching…

This G-spot play is all about feeling and connecting and goes beyond just usual masturbation technique. So, ensure your body is feeling relaxed, open and the trust and communication are flowing if you’re playing with a partner.

How to stimulate the G-spot

You’ll need to be well aroused so it’s best to start when you’re already well into a foreplay session.

To begin, try slowly inserting a finger two or three inches inside the vagina, then curve your fingers upwards. Imagine trying to touch the belly button from the inside.

Start with light pressure and increase as you find the spot that feels great! You can even try switching briefly to the clit and then back to the G-spot to mix up and intensify the pleasure.

You may start to feel like you want firmer pressure, so why not include a toy in your play at this point? Select something curved with a slightly bulbous end to ensure the whole area is massaged. Stroke with deep firm pressure and try different positions such as from behind. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this! We’ve got one made for this specific job with a specific

Our Specific G-Spot massager has a pulsating G-Spot Stimulation Pad.

In most women, to reach a G-spot climax takes time, so keep up the momentum and consistency of touch once you’ve hit the right place. You can expect a much wetter, deeper arousal and an incredibly warm feeling throughout the body.

Once you’re nearing climax, you may have a strong bearing down sensation and a feeling of pushing down with the pelvic floor muscles. Some women will even experience ejaculation/squirting! This is completely normal with G-Spot orgasms.

G Spot orgasms are full-bodied, intense and can go for what seems like forever – so relax into it and you can experience more pleasure than ever before. Achieving a G-spot orgasm with a partner can also be an extremely emotional experience – many women report that they are only able to achieve this level of pleasure with one they completely trust and love.

Immediately after climaxing try the ‘grounding palm’ technique. Place either your own or your partner’s palm against the clit and vaginal opening and apply gentle pressure. This produces a comforting feeling of support and gentle stimulation, as you ride the waves of subsiding pleasure.. heaven.

So now you know where to start with G-Spot masturbation, go experiment, play with your G-spot and have the best fun of your life!

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