Lockdown Love – Coping with it alone and with a partner

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Generally speaking lockdown, and even the tier system, is hard going. It is hard for singles, its hard for couples and its hard for families of all types. There are so many pressures on everyone, especially couples coupled up together. Well, we certainly don’t have all the answers but we do think a little bit of me or us time can really help along with lots of other things too.

Taking Time for Pleasure

There are a lot of things we would normally turn to for relaxation and fun that we aren’t allowed to do right now. Holidays, going to the gym, meeting friends, going out for dinner…the list is long and sad. But one of the things we can do within the rules is masturbation and sex. We know it may not always be easy finding time or personal space but if you are able it can really help. We all know orgasms are good for us, they are good on our own and good with other people. Sexual contact with a partner can release hormones that are really good for our mental health just as playing alone can. So do everything you can to take some time out. We have all sorts of toys that can help even if you are really pushed for time! We have all been there.

Coping as a Couple

Being stuck inside with someone you love might have sounded fun back in March but most couples have certainly had some tough times since then. No matter how much we love someone we are allowed to want some space. But it is the type of time we spend together that can be the issue not so much the time itself. It is really important to make some time for intimacy. We think lockdown is the perfect time to try some new things out too! It’s not like you have any parties or fun nights out planned. So grab some toys, hide yourselves away and have some fun, laugh, explore and enjoy. It will really help you cope with lockdown as a couple and when this is all over you may have found out a lot more about each other that can be just the tip of the fun iceberg. 

Not That Simple

We totally get that holding a relationship down or keeing your own mental health in shape takes a lot more than a few orgasms but at the same time pleasure and play can and should have a role in a large lockdown well-being plan along with keeping fit (though sex is a great way to do that) eating well, staying in touch with loved ones and more. We are not saying toys are the answer but we do think they can help. Lockdown is something we are unable to change ourselves but how we deal with it is in our hands. 

A Few Ideas

We are not here to tell you how to play of course but we can suggest a few things. 

P and G Spots!

It might be time to learn something new! While a lot of women are confident G Spot players but lots of women may still be missing out and curious. Now is the perfect time to grab a g spot toy and start seeing what all the fuss is about…and if you know already there is always room for another toy!

For men, the prostate is a little bit more of a forbidden fruit, though it really shouldn’t be. Anal play can be something men are shy about or curious about so getting a toy to explore is ideal for men on their own or as part of a couple. Prostate vibrators and massagers are amazing fun, trust us!


So the hot new toy for women involved very gentle vibration and a sucking sensation for the clitoris. It may sound rather intimidating but trust us, these are selling like hotcakes and people love them! go on, try something new.

If these don’t appeal then just grab a new toy as a treat, you may have saved a few pounds not going out and we think a body-safe vibrator or a lovely new rabbit is a great way to treat yourself. For the guys why not really go for it with our ultimate masturbator, the boys deserve something special too!